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James Franklin wants you to know that he is not actually Keegan-Michael Key

Key gives a dynamite impression of Penn State’s head man.

This is Key, not Franklin
Richard Johnson/SB Nation

After Penn State’s massive win over Iowa, James Franklin addressed a case of mistaken identity confounding those around the program. You see, Franklin has a very impressive imposter floating around, and it made people think that Penn State’s head man was more focused on being on ESPN than preparing for Iowa.

Franklin’s being tongue-in-cheek here (I think), but I went to College GameDay Saturday in New York City. It was pretty cool, and I saw a lot of things I didn’t think I would in Times Square. One of them was when I rounded a corner backstage and noticed a man in a navy blue shacket.

Richard Johnson/SB Nation

It took multiple takes for me, a person paid to know things about college football, to realize this was not Franklin.

Watching Keegan-Michael Key deliver his absolutely spot-on Franklin impression was hilarious. Even Franklin agrees that Key is “an awesome guy.”

Key’s referring to Franklin calling time out while up by 56 points against Georgia State the week prior, which is probably another reason Franklin received “about a hundred nasty messages.”

Key’s a Penn State grad, and has pulled this impression off before, including in front of Penn State’s entire team a few years ago.

I hope Penn State stays elite because it gives us more chances to see this really funny bit.