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LSU was winning a blowout, so ESPN's crew just started impersonating Ed Orgeron

This was spectacular television.

No. 13 LSU defeated BYU 27-0 in New Orleans, La. from the Superdome on Saturday night to start its season off 1-0. Towards the end of the game, ESPN aired a compilation of college football head coaches impersonating Tigers head coach Ed Orgeron, which was pretty great.

Afterwards, the broadcast crew featuring Bob Wischusen, Brock Huard, and Allison Williams gave their best Coach O impersonations, and the result was television gold:

My absolute favorite had to be Williams’ due to the quality of it, and especially the fact that she nailed it as she was standing just a few feet behind Orgeron on the sidelines.

Via @CFBgifer

Orgeron, a native of Louisiana, easily has one of the most fascinating personas (and voices) in all of college football that is becoming a trademark of LSU football, and hopefully that lasts for years to come. Shoutout to the ESPN crew for this absolutely incredible TV, and let’s hope we can get some Coach O impersonations for all of LSU’s games this season.