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Texas A&M’s still strutting with the drum major’s mace, regardless of what happened in Week 1

Whatever’s going on here, it’s amazing.

So this happened in Week 1 on Texas A&M’s sideline:

That’s Texas A&M’s Trayveon Williams, who’d just ran in a 61-yard touchdown against UCLA to give the Aggies a 38-10 lead in Pasadena. As he reached the sideline, someone handed him that flashy cane/scepter/apparatus. He then strutted.

I was then told by several A&M fans that this is the band drum major’s baton, called a mace.

Why did someone hand it to Williams? Undetermined at this juncture, but it was on the sideline for a while.

He handed it back, though.

Music to our ears. • • Strike up the band, the Aggies keep scoring. #itsaboutus #aggiefblife

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The Aggies went on to lose that game in one of the biggest collapses ever, but here was the scene a week later against Nicholls State:

Never give up on the mace.

Teams have made a thing of handing out sideline bling these days.

Miami now gives defenders a huge gold chain for causing turnovers.

Alabama has a wrestling-style title belt, also given to defenders who record takeaways ...

... and Colorado State now has a similar belt ...

CBS Sports Network

... while Ole Miss’ belt has turned heel.

It’s sounding like A&M’s ‘90s mafioso rapper cane isn’t necessarily of a similar vintage, but there is literally nothing in the world I want to learn more than exactly what this cane is all about.