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Look at this FACE INTERCEPTION pulled off by a USC linebacker

I respect the degree of difficulty here.

Face pick?

Face pick!

That is a lovely interception by Uchenna Nwosu that just so happened to bounce off of the face of a Washington State offensive lineman. It’s these types of ricocheting plays that can only happen with an oblong leather ball. But we do not question what good fortune bestows upon us, and a face pick is certainly good fortune.

We do have some questions about why the fortunate defender was able to make this play though. Usually on a pass like this you’ll see an offensive lineman cut block the play or at least engage the defender so the QB can get the ball out unimpeded.

For some reason, he’s worried about perhaps a blitz coming from the inside? Either way, his misfortune is out game because, we got a face pick.

Face picks are good. We should have many more face picks in college football.