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Jim Harbaugh is still jumping into swimming pools in full clothing

He does this semi-regularly now, I think.

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh does things other football coaches don’t do. He’ll yell out a snap count in a room full of reporters, drink milk at dinner, give the pope a pair of Jordans, and sing opera on a stage in front of a bunch of people.

Also on the list: jumping into water in full clothing.

This is at least the second time on record that Harbaugh’s jumped into a pool in khakis, though it would surprise no one if he’s done it several other times.

Back in January, he and four-star receiver Oliver Martin announced the player’s commitment to Michigan by, once again, jumping into a pool in their clothes. Michigan assistant Pep Hamilton joined them in plummeting into the blue abyss:

My default assumption is that Harbaugh takes his phone and wallet out of his pocket before he takes to the water. But would it really shock you if he didn’t?