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Saquon Barkley followed up a 300-yard game by immediately putting these absurd highlights on Indiana

Kickoff return TD, wild catch-and-run, touchdown pass. All in one win.

No. 4 Penn State beat Indiana on Saturday in Happy Valley, 45-14.

The best running back in the country isn’t just a great running back. Penn State’s Saquon Barkley is lightning in the return game, too. Just ask Indiana:

Barkley then did this in the same half:

A one-handed catch and sustained ankle-breaking of several players on the other team. All in one play. That is some world-class stuff.

And later, he threw a touchdown pass:

Barkley finished with 20 runs for 56 yards, which is actually really low for him. He still had a pretty decent game by virtue of his returning, receiving, and throwing. He had four catches for 51 yards and one throw for that 16-yard touchdown.

Barkley’s a physical marvel whose workout exploits are legend. He flashed his speed, his stamina, and even a bit of power on this return. He didn’t slow up much as he finished a 98-yard jaunt across Beaver Stadium, and he kept his legs churning through a bit of contact near the end of the run. He almost looked stronger as the play went on, and you knew when Indiana’s guys tried to trip him up that they were doomed to fail.

Barkley had 305 yards from scrimmage last week at Iowa, then laid a crucial block on PSU’s walk-off, game-winning touchdown as time expired. He’s the most complete package in the sport, and we should soak up every second of watching him in college while he’s there. Because he’s not going to be there for long.