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NC State’s Bradley Chubb just flopped so hard, he looked like a guy rolling down a mountain in a movie

This is an incredible, prolonged flop.

In the course of 12 plays, NC State-Syracuse had two personal fouls, an unsportsmanlike conduct flag, a false start, and this majestic flop-and-roll by Wolfpack defensive lineman Bradley Chubb:

He hits the deck, looks up to see whether it worked (there was indeed a flag on Syracuse No. 68 on this play), and then continues flopping. Somewhere, Chubb is rolling through the streets of Raleigh and making his way toward the Atlantic Ocean.

Chubb takes the college football flop belt from former LSU safety Jamal Adams, whose deeds included this:

Oh, and all of this comes after he pretty clearly started the festivities by trying to wrench the ball away from a downed opponent. Oh, and one of those prior personal fouls was Chubb’s.

Needless to say, there have been scuffles in this game as of late.

A week prior, Chubb did some landscaping at Florida State, hocking one onto the midfield logo after the Pack upset the Noles:

He later said he regretted that one:

"After the game, I just got caught up in the moment," Chubb said. "My mind set going into the game was not, 'When we win this game, I'm going to spit on the field.' I just got caught up in the moment, a bad decision. I'm a very passionate player. When you've been so close for three years, when you come back and play your heart out, stuff like that happens. I hate that it happened to me, but all over the country you see guys playing their hearts out, and at the end of the game, there's a little bit too much emotion, and they let it get the best of them."

Chubb is rapidly becoming the ACC’s biggest football heel. He’s also really good at football.