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Look at Lee Corso's fast footwork to avoid getting crushed by Clemson's QB

Good agility, Coach.

Lee Corso, 82 years old, can still elude an oncoming rush.

Clemson quarterback Kelly Bryant is a good athlete, and he got into the open field against Virginia Tech. Bryant eventually leapt to the sideline to avoid taking a hit, and Corso was in his direct path. The venerable College GameDay commentator and the current beloved grandfather of college football TV spryly got out of the way.

Corso’s been on the field for about 11 million college football games during his long career, so he’s presumably pretty well versed in staying alert and getting out of the way of trouble. There are hundreds of non-playing people on the field at college games, so avoiding violent traffic is a pretty crucial skill for everyone involved.

Blacksburg was Saturday’s GameDay site. Kirk Herbstreit then called the game on ABC at night alongside Chris Fowler and Maria Taylor. Corso got to have a more chill evening, but credit to him for staying on his toes.