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Virginia Tech put Clemson’s band in quite literally the worst seats in Lane Stadium

They can probably see their houses from there.

It’s doubtful you’ll hear much of Clemson’s band during the huge game on the road against Virginia Tech. It’s not because the Tigers won’t play well, or even because it’s a smaller traveling band than the normal outfit that would play in Death Valley.

It’s because the band is stuck all the way up in the corner in Lane Stadium.

Here’s the 3D view from up there. They are essentially the highest seats in the house.

It’s unclear if opposing bands always get stuck in these seats in Blacksburg, but it’s not exactly a rarity in college sports to put road bands in the nosebleeds. I covered Florida’s 2013 game against Miami where its band was pretty high up in Sun Life Stadium.

Richard Johnson/SB Nation

By the way, Clemson does not do this to its opponents when they come to Memorial Stadium.

Listen closely if the Tigers play well. You may hear a very faint “Tiger Rag” being played high in the Virginia sky tonight. Bring your binoculars if you want to spot those playing it.