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Butch Jones gave out donuts to Tennessee fans, then put up a donut on the scoreboard against Georgia

This is too good.

Before the game against Georgia, Butch Jones decided to be charitable and hand out donuts to fans hungry to see their Volunteers get a win.

The fans were then subsequently treated to a not so sweet scene. The Volunteers lost to Georgia 41-0. It’s also their worst loss in Knoxville in a really, really long time.

(This blog post will have a lot of bakery puns).

I'm not going to sugarcoat this. Tennessee got the flour beaten out of them today.

The offense was stale, the defense had a lot of holes in it.

Tennessee put a literal donut on the scoreboard. Maybe next time Butch Jones should bring bagels... wait no that’s still a zero.

Crossaints? Muffins?

Just don’t bring donuts again, Butch.

Bonus donut puns:

This was not a well-rounded performance.

There were no sprinkles of hope for the Volunteers today.

We saw Tennessee's game plan breakfast today.