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Miami’s trip to Arkansas State canceled amid Hurricane Irma concerns

The Category 5 hurricane would’ve complicated road game travel.

Pittsburgh v Miami Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

The game had been scheduled for Sept. 9 in Jonesboro, Ark.

Over the past 24 hours, Miami had been canceling events in various other sports. That this Week 2 football game was a road game far from the storm’s path wasn’t the only factor to consider. State of the U reacts:

There are several reasons for this cancellation, as I see it:

With the storm projected to arrive in Florida on Sunday or Monday, the team and all associated personnel could have been stranded in Arkansas.

Also, the departure travel schedule would likely have been moved up as well, and anyone who deals with logistics knows that wouldn’t have been easy.

Many (most) of the players on this team are from Florida. Their minds would likely — and understandably — be on their families and loved ones surviving the storm, not a game of football.

It’s hard to see any way this game could’ve been rescheduled to any other point in the season. Miami’s open date this season is Oct. 7. Arkansas State’s are Sept. 30 and Nov. 4.

Standard language from the game’s contract, obtained by SB Nation previously: “This contract may be terminated without penalty by mutual written consent of both parties.”

Among far more pressing concerns, the state’s universities have decisions to make about the college football schedule. Devoting public resources to staffing sporting events draws potential first responders away from elsewhere, not to mention complicating travel issues and putting lots of people into confined areas.

We’ll update this post shortly as more information becomes available.