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Watch Purdue score on 2 different kinds of extra tricky flea flickers in 2017

Purdue’s again turning up the flea flicker game.

Earlier this year, Jeff Brohm’s Purdue ran this reverse flea flicker to perfection:

Trick plays are at their most dastardly because they take a defender’s eyes and intentionally screw with them. That’s what the Boilermakers did here. While the defenders were so busy paying attention to all the motions and pitches, TE Cole Herdman was leaking out to get open. He then rumbled and bumbled and stumbled all the way to the end zone.

Coach Jeff Brohm is regarded as a pretty good offensive coach and you can see why. His mind’s in a unique place when it comes to finding ways to break games open. The more pitches, the better in my book.

Purdue also used a fake flea flicker against Rutgers in Week 8:

Purdue tested this idea in spring ball:

Turns out it works in real games, too.