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Listen to this Arkansas field goal clang, one of the loudest DOINKs ever

Music to my ears.

The No 23 TCU Horned Frogs are taking on the Arkansas Razorbacks this Saturday, and the Hogs’ offense isn’t off to a great start to say the least. Arkansas scored a touchdown in the first quarter, but the Razorbacks haven’t scored since, and the game’s now in the fourth quarter. The Hogs’ kicker has missed a pair of field goals — both that were inside the 25. His last miss was an incredible doink. Just listen to the sound of this thing, folks.

This sound doe

That kicker is junior Cole Hedlund, who has yet to make a field goal for the Razorbacks so far this season. Last year, he was 5-for-7. Hopefully Hedlund can regroup and get some points on the board for Arkansas if the Razorbacks get in field goal range again with his team trailing 21-7. He was able to make the extra point on the touchdown, which I guess Arky fans can look at as a positive.

Colleger kickers, man.