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Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield apologizes for literally planting the flag in the middle of Ohio State’s field

The Sooners rolled in Columbus, then QB Baker Mayfield rubbed it in.


No. 5 Oklahoma stunned No. 2 Ohio State on Saturday in Columbus, 31-16. Buckeyes fans didn’t enjoy it. They definitely didn’t enjoy this part, either:

That’s not just Oklahoma sticking a flag at the middle of Ohio State’s field. That’s Oklahoma sticking a flag at the middle of Ohio State’s field and then exuberantly stomping on Ohio State’s logo. Think this meant something to the Sooners?

A couple days later, flag man Baker Mayfield apologized for getting caught up in big-game emotion and, he says, using the flag as if it were an OU home game. Sensitive fans were pretty upset about the whole thing.

He’s explained it twice now.

Here was Mayfield immediately after the game, explaining the flag thing at the time. He chalked it up to Ohio State celebrating on OU’s field the year prior, the College GameDay crew picking the Buckeyes to win, and a poll that he says showed 80 percent of the country picking OSU.

Some background: These teams also played last year, and Ohio State won by three touchdowns in Norman. That was the Sooners’ second loss, and it ultimately kept them out of the College Football Playoff despite winning the Big 12.