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99 of the best, weirdest, and funniest highlights from college football’s 2017 season

We had some gems.

With the 2017 college football season in the books, what better way to commemorate it with the best GIFs and videos from the season?

First, we start with you all, the fans.

The first Thursday night game of the season gave us this glorious middle finger/surrender cobra combo, from Indiana fans watching their team lose to Ohio State.

These unsuspecting Auburn fans got stuck in the hedges while attempting to celebrate the Tigers’ Iron Bowl win over Alabama.

LSU’s band began playing during a Florida Tom Petty tribute, and this Gator fan was not having it:

Stay until the end of this one:

Tennessee gets its own special section, because well, it was a hell of a season.

The Vols fired Butch Jones and hired Jeremy Pruitt, but the season had some, uh, highlights. First! The video that sums up the Florida-Tennessee rivalry, filled with deep-seated hatred and debauchery.

I hate that we lost but at least our players don't represent our team like this. I love a rivalry but be classy about it EDIT: I know our fans have done questionable things. They shouldn't have peed on the tebow statue but I'm not saying this over and over again: players are supposed to be controlled by coaches and fans are not. This is a representation of the control Jim Mcelwain and staff has on its players. If this was a Tennessee player I would be embarrassed. Athletes are held to a higher standard.

Posted by Chandler Cox on Saturday, September 16, 2017

Vols fighting Vols, an annual tradition:

And during Tennessee’s home game against LSU, its damn stadium decided to fall apart.

In a nutshell:

Aaaand the Vols lost to Florida on a last-second pass, too.

The Vols also had a turnover trash can on their sideline, which gave us this missed celebration dunk:

Moving on! Some of the best sideline moments of the season

Florida Atlantic coach Lane Kiffin caught a football with one hand, and one of his players was blown away.

On a related Lane note:

Kudos to USC’s cheerleaders, some of whom were extremely into the fighting going on behind them ...

... and some of whom just ignored it to keep right on cheering:

Mississippi State players dancing while their head coach is incensed is my aesthetic:


Look at Mark Richt’s ups!

Sour Patch Kids = game day fuel.

Florida State’s 2017 season was incredibly weird, and this angry Jimbo Fisher GIF sums up the year pretty well:

Miami had the year’s most beloved turnover prop, but Kennesaw State had the most lovable ...

The Kennesaw State Turnover Plank is the best trophy in football

This is the Kennesaw State Owls turnover plank, college football's BEST turnover trophy. The full story:

Posted by SB Nation College Football on Friday, November 17, 2017

... Texas A&M had the weirdest ...

.. and Wisconsin mocked Miami’s chain mercilessly in the Orange Bowl:

Refs greatest hits, 2017

When the mic’s broke:


These are just hilarious, and there’s no other way to categorize them, folks.

This extra point THAT WAS GOOD makes me laugh out loud every time.

Have you ever seen a punter get sacked?

TFW the turf legit splits in the middle of the Big Ten Championship.

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy and quarterback Mason Rudolph both went shirtless during a pep rally:

BYU’s mascot went viral for its dance moves, so Mississippi State’s accepted the challenge.

What did the five fingers say to the face?

Having some trouble on defense? Just throw a towel like UCLA did! (Yes, this could’ve been a penalty.)

Ohio state QB coach Ryan Day was caught digging for gold:

NC State poked fun at Louisville basketball’s FBI investigation pretty cleverly:

OK, onto more serious on-field matters here: Catches!

Florida’s offensive highlight of the year, tbh:

Wanna see a 6’2, 308-pound defensive lineman score a touchdown? Enter Da’Ron Payne:

Some running backs did merciless things to defenders this season, too.

The Baker Mayfield experience

There were some unfortunate moments, too.

This Boise State pick-six ended up being a Troy fumble that turned into a Boise touchback.

UConn hadn’t won in so long that its quarterback had to practice a kneeldown!

Another summation of Florida State’s 2017 season:

One of Sam Darnold’s many turnovers, but this one wasn’t his fault!

Tackled into a damn marimba:

This dang 87-yard fumble gets its own section, because it was extra special.

Animals made for some interesting moments this season, as always.

Ole Miss changed its sideline mascot from a Rebel to Landshark, and Auburn’s band wasted no time poking fun at them for it. A shark mascot is an animal, don’t @ me.

Big 12 fox back:

More hilarity!

Michigan kicker Quinn Nordin had a crotch grab during the Outback Bowl against South Carolina. Yes — Michigan’s kicker!

Greatest flop ever tbh right here from NC State’s Bradley Chubb:

Chubb also blatantly spat on FSU’s logo ...

... and broke out the celebration of the year:

That time Deontay Burnett celebrated a TD by shaking former USC quarterback Matt Leinart’s hand in the end zone.

Michigan QB John O’Korn randomly slipped or flopped (we don’t really know, either) unexpectedly on the sideline:

Boise State scored two touchdowns via this pirouette:

James Franklin after WINNING the Fiesta Bowl:

Iowa State-West Virginia was interrupted by LASERS briefly, and it was amazing.

Remember this moment between Boise and Oregon from 2009?

The two met in this year’s Las Vegas Bowl, and decided to recreate that moment, but the best part is that the Oregon player retaliated against the wrong Bronco.

Mike Leach is a national treasure, part 1,000.

There were some pretty awesome moments, too.

Here’s UCF star linebacker Shaquem Griffin, who has only one hand, battling for a Memphis fumble. He makes a ton of plays, but this one sums him up pretty well.

Ever seen a walk-off pick-six hurdle? Here ya go!

Bowling Green got its first win of the season on this incredible play:

Iowa started a new amazing tradition of waving the the nearby children’s hospital at the start of the fourth quarter:

Iowa's "Kinnick Wave" is the best new college football tradition

Iowa's "Kinnick Wave" is the best new tradition in college football.

Posted by SB Nation College Football on Wednesday, September 20, 2017

And Alabama true freshman quarterback Tua Tagovailoa played hero and won the Tide the national championship over Georgia:

Piesman Trophy finalists!

Brock Riggs from Heidelberg won it, thanks to this front-flip TD:

The other finalists were St. Francis’ Louie Gartner:

And Wyoming’s Carl Granderson:

And last but certainly not least ...

Our very own #FRYINNANNI achieved his lifelong goal of being the Outback Bowl Bloomin’ Onion mascot:

What else?

Add ’em in the comments!