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How to cope with the all-SEC National Championship

It’s Alabama vs. Georgia for the 2017 season national title, and we can all get through this just fine!

AllState Sugar Bowl - Clemson v Alabama Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Georgia beat Oklahoma in one of the three greatest Rose Bowls ever, and Alabama beat Clemson in one of the ... 83 best Sugar Bowls ever, meaning Jan. 8 will give us Dawgs vs. Tide at the site of the SEC Championship for all the chicken sandwiches.

Ugh, an all-SEC title game.

Conferences are a social construct. Just focus on the fact that two of the sport's most talented rosters are about to square off in a cyborg romance palace, with a team you don't like guaranteed to lose!

But I don't like the "S-E-C" chants.

Who chants that at you?

People online and/or my neighbors.

If the former, you should flatten them with memes and block them before they can respond. If the latter, same tactic.

But it's so dumb how people from a region of the country take pride in a collective of teams that happen to be from the same region of the country.

Yeah, everyone does that.

Not me.

No, of course not you. I meant everyone except you.

Isn't two teams from one conference playing for a title a mockery of college football?

College football is a mockery of college football. We've spent 148 years arguing about how to decide the national championship, and there's zero reason to stop any time soon. Robbing college football fans of arguments would be cruel.

But isn't this a sign that the whole system is rigged in favor of the SEC?

Because one SEC team had to beat the ACC champ and reigning national champ while the other SEC team had to beat the Big 12 champ that beat the Big Ten champ that beat the Pac-12 champ? Georgia earned its spot fair and square, and Alabama was a better choice than the committee's alternative, because it — earmuffs — didn't give up 55 points to Iowa.

But what about UCF? The Knights just beat the only team that beat Alabama and the only team that beat Georgia.

The committee's made it clear that non-powers are not eligible for the Playoff. Excellent website SB Nation has been saying that part is dumb for years in general and for months as it relates to UCF. If you want UCF to get the Bama-UGA winner, I will sign your petition.

So should the Playoff expand? That's what happens every time there's an all-SEC title game, right? That's what happened last time.

That's the spirit! Anyone who doesn't like title games featuring two teams from the same conference should know that the sacrifice will all be worth it in the end. Block Paul Finebaum's account and wait for the fruits of your labor.

Here's how I'd expand the Playoff: [Zach Galifianakis looking at numbers GIF]

That's perfect. I'd probably do six or eight teams, provided we compensate players for all the extra work, but I'm not in charge.

But won't the all-SEC title game be boring? SEC teams are boring.

Did you not just see Georgia play a bonkers-ass 1 a.m. ET Mountain West game in the Rose Bowl right before Alabama threw a touchdown to a 309-pound man? These teams are loaded with NFL players. Remember the last time they played in a national title game? The 2012 SEC Championship was an all-time classic!

Um, the winner of that game still had to beat Notre Dame in the BCS Championship to claim the title.



So yeah, the all-SEC national title game between Alabama and Georgia will be fine. We can all learn to accept it, and I bet we can all have a good time laughing at it. If nothing else, an SEC team is guaranteed to lose, but regardless, a really good team is gonna beat another really good team to close out a pretty weird season. This will be fun!

But I'm an Auburn fan.

I gotta go!