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You have to watch USC long snapper Jake Olson throwing dimes

How impressive is this?

Is there anything that USC Trojans long snapper Jake Olson can’t do? On Monday, the rising redshirt junior posted a video on Twitter of him throwing passes that were pretty impressively on target.

Olson is without his eyesight — he was born with retinoblastoma (a cancer of the retina) and had to have both of his eyes surgically removed by the age of 12. He made his first career appearance last season. Check out some of these passes, though — a good bit of them were deep passes too!

Side note: I love that Olson’s adorable guide dog Quebec made this video prominently. At the end, he even sacks Olson, and brb, I have just died of cuteness:

Olson is no stranger to doing the seemingly impossible. If walking on as a long snapper with USC wasn’t enough, before he was just playing football, he tried his hand at making it in the PGA. He hasn’t lost much of his skill on the links, though.

Here’s that touching moment from earlier in the season, when he made his first career outing as a USC Trojan.

Olson has been inspiring people since his story came to light almost 10 years ago:

Olson has a long and inspiring backstory.

Most college football fans first learned his name in 2009, when he was featured on a segment during ESPN’s College GameDay. When Olson and his family were told that his eyes would have to be removed, Olson wanted to see his Trojans one last time. Trojans head coach Pete Carroll made it happen:

”I’m just sad I won’t be able to see them ever again,” Jake said. “It’s so hard, and yet cancer wins. But I’m going to experience something no one else can experience.”

With more than a month before his surgery, Jake told his parents that what he wanted to see most one last time was another USC Trojans game. His wish reached Trojan head coach, Pete Carroll.

”The first thing was let’s make sure that he gets inside and gets to see everything that he wants to see,” Carroll said. “God bless him; he deserves every bit of it.”

From then on, and after his surgery, Olson became an honorary member of the USC football team. He eventually made his high school team as a long snapper, then walked on for USC’s team in 2015.

Wonder what Olson will do that will wow us next!