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The NFL’s honored UCF at the Pro Bowl, and the Knights counted it as more national title evidence

To the victors go the spoils.

As UCF’s title claim continues to unfold after its Peach Bowl win and undefeated season, you can count the National Football League as true believers.

The Knights were brought out onto the field during the Pro Bowl on Sunday in Orlando, the Knights’ hometown.

While the NFL probably isn’t wading into the national title debate, the Knights sure don’t mind getting the words “national championship, undefeated season” in there one more time. They continue to carry themselves like, well, champions.

They paid out championship bonuses owed to coaches, hung a title banner, and had a parade. At least one major national title selector actually has the Knights at No. 1 as well, so it’s not just UCF brass blowing smoke.

One wonders if the NFL would have done the same for an undefeated Hawaii team in 2007, back when the Pro Bowl was in Honolulu, if the Warriors had gotten past Georgia in the Sugar Bowl.