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A guy in full football gear kept destroying another guy in full football gear in the aisles of a Target while Urban Meyer’s daughter Gigi refereed their game

Onlookers didn’t seem to know quite what to do.

I didn’t wake up today expecting to watch a video of two men repeatedly launching into each other in football gear while walking through the halls of a Target and various other non-football field locations while Gigi Meyer, daughter of Ohio State coach Urban Meyer, officiated. But life is full of surprises:

“This is called targeting in Target,” one of the players says, right before the video cuts to him destroying the other guy several times in what appears to be an actual Target store. There’s also one destruction carried out just outside a Dick’s Sporting Goods, near what seems to be a relatively standard mall food court.

One guy is just walking down an aisle, as if he’s going to get some fresh Hanes undershirts, and then disaster strikes:

They call it Urban Football, which may or may not be a play on Gigi’s dad’s name, but is most definitely an accurate description for two people playing tackle football in the middle of an area that’s packed with people. Whether this is a suburban setting or one in a city, I’m not sure, but it’s equally adventurous either way.

Meyer let some things go and called other things, as most officials do. All in all, she kept control of this savage game as much as you could ask anyone to keep control of a game that’s predicated on people destroying each other in aisles at shopping centers.