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7 times Nick Saban let loose and had some fun

He has showed human emotion on multiple occasions!

Alabama head coach Nick Saban is a no-nonsense master of getting things done. The man who just won his fifth national title with the Tide is known for being quite serious, both on and off the field.

But there are those rare moments where Saban proves that he is, in fact, human and not a robot that runs on Little Debbies and defensive fronts. Here are some times Saban proved that even he can be laid back and have some good ole-fashioned fun!

Example 1: Saban dancing his heart out

The head coach has been caught on camera doing the Cupid Shuffle and Electric Slide on a few occasions!

My personal favorite: him doing the dang WOBBLE.

He also danced like a T-Rex when Alabama won the Cotton Bowl semifinal in 2015 against Michigan State.

#pressplay Is ... is that Nick Saban dancing?? #cottonbowl #rolltide

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Oh, and there’s this gloriousness!

Example 2: Dressing up!

Yes, Saban actually donned a Luigi hat during an interview with Colin Cowherd a few years ago.

Example 3: Celebrating on the field with actual excitement!

This GIF of him leaping into former Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron’s arms is an instant classic.


In the 2016 National Championship, Alabama converted a very uncharacteristic onside kick against Clemson. It worked out beautifully and even pulled a smile out of Saban.

After that game, which resulted in a 45-40 Bama victory, he smiled again. Twice in one game, people!

Example 5: Riding a dang go-kart

Not only did he ride this baby, he did a doughnut with one!

Example 6: Laughing at himself

During an ESPN interview, Saban laughed at one of his players, Rob Ezell, a receiver from 2007-10, imitating one of his pregame speeches.

Example 7: Discussing his love for Mick Jagger

Saban is a big fan of the Rolling Stones — in 2015, he told that on victory drives home he plays “Gimme Shelter.”

“Mick Jagger can sing,” Saban said in a GQ Magazine 2013 interview of the band’s lead singer. “Mick Jagger is a great entertainer.”

Don’t you see, Saban is just like us! Have any other examples we missed? Drop em in the comments below!