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Watch Kendrick Lamar’s electric halftime show at the National Championship


Kendrick Lamar put on one hell of a performance during halftime of the College Football Playoff National Championship between Georgia and Alabama on Monday in Atlanta.

Lamar performed outside of Mercedes-Benz Stadium and a few paces down the street at Centennial Olympic Park, where it was a bit cold and rainy during his performance.

Lamar had arguably the best album of 2017, with his fourth studio album, DAMN., that sold 603,000 copies in its first week.

Rolling Stone, like many others who enjoy hip hop, has declared him to be “the greatest rapper alive.”

“Having the opportunity to perform at halftime of what will surely be the best game of the year between two deserving universities is truly an honor,” Lamar said in ESPN’s release upon being named the performer. “Thank you, ESPN, for having me be the first halftime performer ever at the College Football Playoff National Championship.”

Lamar is a big change from the usual musical selections for college football games. My colleague Jason Kirk described them best:

[They] are almost always limited to Beach Truck Girlie Shorts Beach bro country acts who wear cowboy hats and sleeveless shirts while singing about truck beaches over trap beats.

Having K-Dot was a nice change. It’s even more appropriate to have him do it in the hip-hop capital of the world.