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The Alabama player who punched a Georgia player and lunged at Bama staffer during the title game has now transferred to Tennessee State

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Mekhi Brown is no longer with the program after multiple title game dustups.

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Alabama linebacker Mekhi Brown punched a Georgia player and then was restrained during a brief altercation on his own sideline during the National Championship. Now he’s left the program, per The Tennessean through an exit strategy that was actually already in place for him.

Brown, a 6-foot-5, 240 pound sophomore, had actually applied at TSU and been admitted during the fall, more than a month before the national championship game.

As a result of the incident in the national championship game against Georgia, Brown will have certain stipulations he must meet before being allowed to join the football team at TSU.

It is unclear if he was forced to leave the program because of what happened during the game.

Brown was penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct after hitting a Dawg in the head. Bama coach Nick Saban had apparently harsh words for Brown on his way to the sideline afterward. When ESPN’s cameras cut over to Brown again, he was being brought to the ground while gesturing angrily on the Tide’s sideline.

Here’s the dustup with Georgia linebacker Walter Grant:

And here’s the one with his own team:

Brown easily could’ve been thrown out of the game for the shot he took at UGA. Players have been thrown out of games for much less than a punch to the head, and Brown was fortunate that the Big Ten officiating crew calling the game didn’t send him to the showers immediately. The NCAA’s rulebook calls for an automatic ejection after a player’s second unsportsmanlike foul, but plays before that are more judgment calls.

The Tide have had sideline scrums before.

Alabama didn’t keep Brown out of the game after that, though. If you’re wondering why the Tide would put Brown back in the game, here’s a hint:

Brown was apologetic in the postgame locker room interview after the victory.

“That’s not how I am. I wanted to win, that’s what it was. I did something stupid. I could have cost us the game.”