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Bama and LSU share a struggle: The crowd loudly cussin’ during old songs

These rivals have yet another thing in common.

LSU v Alabama Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Two SEC West stadiums, two fan bases, two songs — innocent enough on their own — and two administrations forever vexed while trying to reign in thousands of people havin’ a little fun by cussin’ up a storm.

That’s the issue both Alabama and LSU administrations have to fight as they try to keep their game days clean.

At LSU, the song is “Neck”, played by The Golden Band From Tigerland.

It’s originally a tune by Cameo called “Talkin’ Out The Side Of Your Neck” (meaning talking nonsense), which debuted in 1982.

It’s since been referenced and reworked in other songs, including by Dem Franchize Boyz in 2008 and Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz in their 2000 song “Where Dem Girls At”.

The trombone refrain during the song is tailor made for a marching band, and bands across the country play it.

But when it’s done in Tiger Stadium, some LSU fans put a spin on it.

For those who can’t hear clearly, that’d be “suck that Tiger dick, bitch” being yelled by the folks in purple and gold.

At Alabama, the song is “Dixieland Delight”.

Also a 1982 song, by the appropriately named band Alabama, this one is about driving through the South toward a romantic weekend.

In between lyrics, Bama fans do their thing as well.

For those that can’t hear clearly, that’d be “Fuck Auburn” being yelled by the folks (surprisingly on beat) in crimson and white. Then when we get to the chorus:

Spend my dollar — ON BEER

Parked in a holler ‘neath the mountain moonlight — ROLL TIDE

Hold her up tight — AGAINST THE WALL

Make a little lovin’ — ALL NIGHT

Little turtle dovin’ on a Mason-Dixon night — FUCK AUBURN

Fits my life — AND LSU


My Dixieland Delight

The suits at both schools think all this is a problem.

At LSU, the song has had a saga over most of the last decade.

This has landed the band in trouble in recent years. In 2010 the song was banned, but brought back in 2013 and used sparingly for that reason. LSU passed out literature a couple of years ago to help curb the chant. But former Tiger Odell Beckham Jr. was in the stands [during the 2017 Texas A&M game], and apparently he came to the stands with a humble request. From LSU’s drumline captain:

When SB Nation contacted LSU in late August about whether this was true, the official response was this:

“No, there was no fine issued to the band for playing a certain song last year against Texas A&M. Odell was in the stands and leading the band, but there’s no truth to the rest of that story.”

It seems that “Neck” is at least kinda back, as The Golden Band played it other times during 2017 ... just not in Tiger Stadium.

After LSU beat Georgia, fans chanted some sexually suggestive cusses during the song (NSFW) ...

... and then AD Joe Alleva asked them to knock it off, please:

Chants and cheers that blatantly offend rather than inspire do not represent what LSU is all about. Be relentless. Be loud. But, I’m asking our fans, and particularly our student section, to keep it clean. We have a diverse group of fans in the stadium and every week we represent the entire LSU family on national television. Let’s represent LSU with the pride and class it deserves.

Bama’s case is more cut and dry. They nixed “Dixieland Delight” completely in Tuscaloosa after that 2014 Iron Bowl. But now it’s definitely back, thanks to this announcement by Alabama AD Greg Byrne, Terry Saban, running back Damien Harris, and student body president Price McGiffert announcing the decision and requesting a gentler sing-along.

Alabama’s beaten LSU to the punch here as far as the revival of popular songs goes. It remains to be seen how fans react, and if the songs end up staying.