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THIS WEEK IN SCHADENFREUDE, UGA fans worry Kirby’s program is already collapsing

Let’s check in with Georgia, Washington, Penn State, and Miami fans after their devastating losses.

Georgia v LSU Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Welcome back to THIS WEEK IN SCHADENFREUDE, your weekly tractor ride through the most livid hayfields of the college football internet. We’ll begin our journey with the SEC’s highest-profile loser of Week 7 and then make a few stops elsewhere.


The Bulldogs got spanked at LSU, 36-16.

Dawgs fans were a confident bunch beforehand.

This fan at the team’s’ 247Sports message board was really confident that UGA would be fine, just hours beforehand. Responding to the notion it might be a hard game:

This is South Carolina 2.0. Media hype all over the place. Can Georgia do this, Can Georgia do that. Same story different team.

Next week’s narrative. Georgia made a lot of mistakes and LSU still has a long way to go before it can hang with Bama.

Week after the bye. Same story line but replace LSU with FLORIDA.

NOTE: When I say media I am referring to ESPN. Our boys here keep it real.

So was this poster at Dawg Nation, who warned that Georgia had held back intentionally — not yet “released the Kracken” — so it could spring a surprise on LSU:

We are going to destroy LSU

LSU is a mess. No offense and an average defense. We are going to blow them out. I’m thinking like 45-10 with Prather Hudson playing in the 4th. I saw nothing to be afraid of out of them or fla. After today, I think we are holding back. I think the coaches are strategically not releasing the Kracken just yet.

Roughly 15,000 UGA fans piled into Death Valley, ready to watch their Dawgs win.

It didn’t shake out that way, prompting widespread despair.

Afterward, this fan thought Kirby Smart bore striking resemblance to another SEC coach who lost Saturday:

Kirby=Gus 2.0

Yesterday proved that Kirby is a mediocre coach at best and 100% liar. This may turn out worse than Gus. He does not play the best players, when a RB get hot he pulls him. He is effing clueless. He showed who he was yesterday which is a younger,polished version of Gus that will stay with a loser at QB regardless of the score or how shitty he has performed.

The majority of the board didn’t agree, but this person think’s that post’s onto something:

Agreed. Hes lost the team and the fanbase isnt far behind

<phone rings>

That’s literally every Auburn fan in the world, asking if the Dawgs wanna trade.

Here’s a commentary on Georgia’s starting QB that starts one way ...

I’ve sobered up.

... and then continues an entirely different way:

Jake Fromm is still garbage.

No reason for him to take a meaningful snap for UGA again

This commentary by GoDawgs2477 is, uh, something:

Its done

You could really look at today and see it as the day this program fell apart. Possibly lost emory today, the whole race/political aspect thats coming up with the QB’s and how poorly they were managed today. The team looks lost and disinterested in actually playing.There are some deadweight coordinators and position coaches on this staff right now(Scott and Chaney).Kirby is letting his program collapse before he ever even really got it running. I hope he wises up for his own sake because he is digging his own grave.

Reigning SEC and Rose Bowl champion Georgia just had the No. 1 recruiting class and is currently 6-1.

On the bright side, maybe Smart’s just playing QB chess while everyone else thinks he’s playing checkers and his passing offense is sputtering:

This is all Tua 2.0

Over in Athens. Last year players & fans were wondering why this guy didn’t play in games but was fine at practice. Saban was just to stubborn for change and almost lost the kid. It’s a known fact that the Tua family was about to transfer if he didn’t play in that national championship game last year. Fast forward, the kid has a championship and the leading candidate for the Heisman Trophy.

The long game, folks.

The most difficult phase of any crushing loss is when message board posters (who are often like-minded people, even friends) turn against each other.

That’s certainly happened here, with threads like this one:

Y’all are embarrassing as hell

Cryin like a bunch of babies. Take an ass whooping and accept it and move on.

I can’t even visit tBB because of you. People making fun of Georgia fans acting like a babies. I’m ashamed to be lumped in with you.

And this one:

What kind of weak spined fan base have we turned in to?

We lost a game to an LSU team that has plenty of talent all over the field in death valley, possibly the toughest venue in all of football to win at. It happens, and it’s not the end of the world. We have two weeks and all the motivation behind the Dawgs to get ready to get right and lay a beating on Florida in Jax. But there were a few fans on here that should hang their heads in shame. Some of the crap I have read on here makes me down right angry. ... I’m sure when Justin Fields time comes he will have bad games, and I’ll be right here defending him against the irrational clamor for the next ‘shiny new toy’ that distracts our rabid fanbase.

Or this one:

I find it hilarious

The countless posts from usernames I’ve NEVER seen before when shit hits the fan. And they have like 200 posts. Like GTFOH you pricks.

The lone reply, as of Friday evening:

Well you obviously don’t like truth or facts.

There’s nothing — nothing — more American than college football message boards.

Now, let’s take a quick whip around some other corners of the Web.


The Huskies blew several late opportunities and watched their Playoff hopes go up in a cloud of smoke when they lost to Oregon. There’s one UW message board thread called “Program full of low energy CUCKs” that just became the first thing in my two years of doing this weekly feature to be ruled “just too much for me to put on our website.” It’s basically everything you’d imagine it to be, and then some.

So I’m going to leave two things here.

1. This message board post from

Petersen never learned how to coach close games while in Boise

And it doesn’t appear he’s learning now either

2. This video:

Actually, one more:

Shut the program down

Quit this nonsense about new coaches - we had our chance and we just didn’t make the cut.

We are never going to get serious so let’s quit pretending. Expand the med center to where husky stadium stands and reinvest the football budget elsewhere.

OK. Let’s move along.

Penn State

Lost to Michigan State and also got KO’d from the Playoff race. One message boarder has an idea of what allowed the 13.5-point-underdog Spartans to pull it off.

Our signals being stolen

How do we know that our signals are not being stolen. I understand that there are big and new poster board pictures every week. It would not be very difficult to see what plays follow after signals being observed. Opposing teams probably has all this video taped from past years and sees the pattern. When a particular photo is displayed and this guy does these hand gestures we do this. Try running in the plays and see how teams do.

Poster board pictures!


The Canes lost to Virginia in football. We know from previous Miami defeats that this fanbase is the most direct fanbase in college football, with moments like this aplenty:

Let’s see what was cooking during and after this loss to Virginia (in football).

At halftime:

After the third quarter:

And at the end:

Miami fans are that family member who will show you no sympathy when you make a mistake. But they’ll kill anyone from the outside who says anything bad about you, and you appreciate them for that. If anyone’s going to trash Miami, it’s going to be Miami fans.

I respect that.

Elsewhere, this poster thinks Saturday was a line of demarcation:

Mark this down as the date Rick lost the fanbase

It’s happened at some point for the last 3 shyt coaches. And this is likely the day it happened for Rick. Some of us figured he’d never be a NC coach because he had 15 years to do it at UbaGA and never came through.

But I expected more than this. I expected to pretty much dominate the Coastal. This up and down yo-yo shyt from week to week is a prime mark of an unprepared team. His insistence on running an antiquated plodding slow tempo offense is another black mark.

It’s just a middle of the road, undisciplined team with a horribly inept offense that keeps everyone in every game against us

Also, here is someone upset that Miami didn’t just re-hire Butch Davis a few years back:

My thoughts are with Canes everywhere during this challenging time.