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The College Football Empires Map, updated after all the chaos of Week 7

Every FBS team started with land, and every week winners take more and more.

Welcome to Week 8 of the 2018 College Football Empires Map.

To begin the season, each FBS team was given control of its surrounding territory. Each game that involves one or two teams with territory results in the winner claiming all of it. Results carry on week to week, so teams are always in the process of trying to regain or expand land. For more detailed rules, check out Week 1’s explanation.

Here’s the updated map, with notes to follow.

Several of the top 25 upsets had an impact on the map

  • Oregon defeated Washington in a close battle to expand their Utah territory into New Mexico and to take control of territories in Kentucky and Wisconsin.
  • LSU has regained a coastal position, having taken a chunk of the SEC East.
  • Iowa State used their annual home upset to defeat West Virginia and take control over all the territories West Virginia had collected throughout their win streak.
  • Unranked USC conquered a previously undefeated team in Colorado late Saturday night. In doing so, they expanded their northern territory into Colorado and Nebraska.
  • In one of the less publicized upsets, Virginia defeated Miami and took over a singular territory in Toledo.

Four more teams either won their way onto the map or expanded their territory outward

  • Liberty prevailed over the Troy Trojans to take over UAB’s original territory.
  • Texas Tech defeated TCU in a surprise defensive battle and declared themselves the new owners of Akron.
  • Bethune-Cookman was able to sneak out a win over South Carolina State to take over the coast land that has been passed around the FCS this season.
  • Michigan expanded its territory into Iowa by defeating Wisconsin and moved into fourth place in land area owned.

Change from last week

At least three Week 8 games will result in teams expanding their territory

  • Clemson and NC State will face off in an undefeated battle for territories scattered throughout the eastern USA.
  • Cincinnati will look for its first expansion since its week 1 win over UCLA as the Bearcats face an unusual Temple, who lost their season opener to Villanova and then went on to beat Maryland and Navy.
  • Purdue looks to pull off the upset over Ohio State this Saturday and double its already large amount of territory.

Other top 25 games with land on the line

  • Ol’ Crimson is coming home and will look to find itself on the map as College GameDay goes to Washington State, which hosts Oregon.
  • Michigan looks to defend its top-10 ranking and land in Wisconsin and Iowa in a game against Michigan State.
  • Tennessee hopes to pull off one of the greatest upsets of the decade in their game against Alabama and take over part of Mississippi and Texas.
  • LSU will try to contain the army led by Nick Fitzgerald as Mississippi State launches an attack on the Tigers’ newly acquired land.
  • The ECU pirates will look to plunder UCF’s land and ravage the nation-leading win streak.
  • UConn has allowed at least 49 points in every game this season. The Huskies will look to end that streak and get their first FBS win this season as they fight USF for control of four territories.



  1. Notre Dame - 18
  2. Texas, Ohio State, Oregon - 8
  3. Florida, Alabama, North Carolina State, Iowa State - 7


  1. Michigan - 306
  2. USC - 268
  3. Alabama - 241
  4. Notre Dame - 236
  5. Florida - 190

Land Area (Sq. Miles)

  1. Florida - 700,256
  2. USC - 454,000
  3. Notre Dame - 320,513
  4. Michigan - 281,653
  5. Oregon - 258,252


  1. Notre Dame - 58,746,297
  2. Ohio State - 29,487,619
  3. Oregon - 16,463,931
  4. NC State - 15,562,220
  5. Purdue - 14,996,319

I’m also keeping track of a different map as well: the Historical map, which started last season, rather than this season.

  • Iowa State defeated West Virginia and became the Historical Map’s fifth owner this year of New Mexico State, San Diego State, and Arizona State’s territories
  • This week might be the first week to result in an unchanged Historical Map, as none of the teams on the map are favored to lose this week. Texas, Notre Dame, Iowa State, and Florida are all on their bye weeks and Ohio State (-14), Alabama, UCF (-25), USF (-29.5) are all heavy favorites. Temple is only favored by 3 against Cincinnati and will be the most likely team to lose.

Historic Map Stats

Team Territories Counties Population Land Area
Team Territories Counties Population Land Area
Ohio State 62 1,663 160,166,852 2,219,243
Alabama 24 650 48,571,317 505,978
UCF 13 187 34,100,581 138,784
South Florida 10 240 20,350,361 196,041
Notre Dame 7 134 16,710,932 192,811
Florida 5 120 13,303,556 66,228
North Dakota State 3 56 3,880,765 30,997
Iowa State 3 17 11,161,966 106,585
Texas 2 32 3,700,840 22,915
Temple 1 44 4,483,416 55,555