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Simply put, Nebraska will go 0-12 because every team on the schedule has personal beef with Scott Frost

After Purdue and Michigan indicated Frost gave them bulletin-board material, let’s see how deep this goes.

NCAA Football: Purdue at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Nebraska is bad, starting the Scott Frost administration 0-4 and now having lost eight games in a row going back to last season, the longest skid in school history.

And for the second week in a row, the Huskers’ vanquisher appeared to have used a Frost quote as motivation.

In Week 4, Michigan players openly said they fed off an old Frost quote about his UCF team having “outhit” the Wolverines in the Big House.

And in Week 5, a Purdue player hit Frost with the coach’s quote from days prior, when Frost had sooort of contrasted Michigan, “a really good team,” with the Boilermakers, “a game that we could win.” (Purdue head coach Jeff Brohm didn’t take offense, but clearly indicated his players were happy to take the comment a certain way.)

With that in mind, let’s run through Nebraska’s entire schedule.

Week 1: Akron

Personal beef with Scott Frost: Game canceled due to weather. Nevermind that Nebraska says it offered to make the game up. There’ll be hell to pay regardless. The Zips were so pissed off, they took it out on the Big Ten’s other NU.

Week 2: Colorado

Personal beef with Scott Frost: That’s a rivalry game to begin with, and Buffaloes OC Darrin Chiaverini was outdueled on the field as a player by Frost in 1997.

Week 4: Michigan

Personal beef with Scott Frost: Not only did Frost say the Wolverines were once “outhit” by a 6-7 non-power, he was once the QB of a certain Nebraska team that cost Michigan an outright, consensus national title, ICYMI.

Week 5: Purdue

Personal beef with Scott Frost: There was that “winnable” comment, sure, but Frost also beat Purdue while an assistant at Oregon.

Week 6: Wisconsin

Personal beef with Scott Frost: His Ducks beat Wisconsin in a Rose Bowl, multiple current UW coaches were on that coaching staff, and Badgers head coach Paul Chryst is tight with the guy Frost replaced.

Week 7: Northwestern

Personal beef with Scott Frost: He runs a modern offense, and thus is a Communist.

Both Frost and Pat Fitzgerald were on the rosters during a 1994 Stanford-Northwestern tie (Frost transferred to Nebraska from Stanford). A SCORE TO SETTLE, HOMBRE.

Week 8: Minnesota

Personal beef with Scott Frost: He’s said a bunch of old national title claims are dubious, and that’s all the Golden Gophers have ever had going for them.

Also, here he is using a boat metaphor:

Cease and desist!

Week 9: Bethune-Cookman

Personal beef with Scott Frost: His team didn’t even schedule them until the Akron game was canceled.

Week 10: Ohio State

Personal beef with Scott Frost: The guy who hired Frost, Nebraska AD Bill Moos, said this in April:

“We’re gonna run that uptempo offense we saw (at the spring game), and we’re gonna get the Blackshirts back to being Blackshirts. And that’s extremely important,” Moos said. “You’ve got Urban Meyer and Jim Harbaugh thinking, ‘We better put a little more into that Nebraska game coming up.’ And that’s the way we want it. They’re running a little bit scared right now. And they won’t admit it.”

OK, this one will definitely be gruesome.

Week 11: Illinois

Personal beef with Scott Frost: He had a transitive win over the Illini in 2017, thanks to UCF beating USF.

Week 12: Michigan State

Personal beef with Scott Frost: As Nebraska’s QB, Frost helped tear apart the Spartans in 1996. On MSU’s coaching staff that day were current MSU head coach Mark Dantonio and OC Jim Bollman. Frost’s Ducks also once beat MSU by 19.

Week 13: Iowa

Personal beef with Scott Frost: Let’s Google scott frost iowa and see wh-

Not even gonna watch to determine what the context was. I’m sure he didn’t outright diss Iowa or anything. This is a space for turning literally anything into spite fuel. Next.

Week 3: Troy

Personal beef with Scott Frost: I tried, but really couldn’t find any. Nebraska just straight up lost to Troy, and the only reason is that Troy is better at football.