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Christian Wilkins can play virtually anywhere on the football field

One of Clemson’s star defensive linemen has played RB, WR, all sorts of special teams positions ... and wants to add even more.

Clemson defensive tackle Christian Wilkins is a 6’4, 314-pound human being. He is a defensive lineman formally, but he’s played a ton of different positions — not all on defense — during his Clemson career.

Wilkins is a projected early NFL Draft pick, and he’ll have a career far beyond Clemson. Although he has accounted for tons of tackles over four seasons on the Tigers’ defense, he’s even more fun to watch when he’s put in different spots on the field. He’s so athletic that you can put him pretty much anywhere!

He’s lined up at running back.

In Clemson’s game against Florida State in 2018, he scored a touchdown from the backfield, with defensive linemate Dexter Lawrence leading the way. It was magnificent:

But that was a straightahead plunge. After a toss TD against South Carolina ...

... he broke out the Heisman pose:

He’s been put in as a Wildcat QB, used on kick coverage, and has even caught a touchdown pass:

Wilkins has caught a fake punt, too.

He’s on the field almost literally as frequently as possible.

A review of Clemson’s loaded defensive line finds his motor is unparalleled:

He’s just always on the field. In 2017, he led Clemson DTs in snaps, racking up more than 70 plays against both NC State and Syracuse, a ton for an interior defender.

But Wilkins doesn’t even quit when the defense is off the field. This is him as a personnel protecter on punt team:

He even played safety during Clemson’s spring game!

Not to shabby!

He’s more than happy to line up wherever he’s needed, whether it’s offense, defense, or special teams:

In last week’s win at Auburn, Wilkins and fellow defensive lineman Dexter Lawrence – a tandem that tips the scales at a combined 650 pounds – lined up in the backfield in front of Wayne Gallman, who strolled in for an easy score.

They lined up in similar fashion again Saturday, but this time the ball went to Wilkins, via quarterback Deshaun Watson, of course.

“I was just doing something I’ve done forever – catching the football,” said Wilkins who caught two touchdown passes as a tight end in high school. “So I wasn’t nervous at all. I felt very comfortable.”

Wilkins shows impressive athleticism, both on and off the field.

Here he was celebrating Clemson’s national title victory over Alabama in 2016:

He’s even expressed the desire to play quarterback.

Earlier in October, he had this to say regarding Tigers’ receiver Hunter Renfrow being listed on Clemson’s QB depth chart:

“That’s the thing I’m most upset with honestly about the whole quarterback situation,” Wilkins told reporters. “I don’t know how Hunter will get his chance before me. What’s funny? I don’t find anything funny. I can sling it a little bit. I can run the ball, everything. I feel like I should definitely be No. 3 or 4, somewhere on the quarterback depth chart. It is what it is.”

Clemson practically invented the Piesman Trophy.

Former Tiger William Perry, otherwise known as “The Fridge,” scored this touchdown in the 1986 Super Bowl:

Kudos to Wilkins for carrying on his tradition.