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Kentucky snatched a win from Missouri with a walk-off UNTIMED DOWN touchdown

The cardiac Cats pry a victory from the jaws of defeat.

NCAA Football: Kentucky at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Kentucky somehow beat Missouri at the buzzer, 15-14. More accurately put, they actually did it after the buzzer with this TD pass from Terry Wilson to C.J. Conrad.

See those triple zeroes on the clock? That’s because Kentucky got another shot at the victory thanks to a Missouri pass interference on the play that should have ended the game. I’ll let you be the judge about whether this ball was catchable or not.

The Cats took the 15 yards and scored. It put a capper on the 81-yard game-winning drive, and that is nothing short of a miracle given how Kentucky played in this game. ESPN’s color guy, Matt Stinchcomb, called the win “butt ugly,” and that’s probably putting it nicely.

This is Kentucky’s drive chart from this game before the final one (the other touchdown was a punt return).

Kentucky’s standout running back, Benny Snell, was completely held under wraps (67 yards on 19 carries) and coach Mark Stoops said he didn’t hand Snell the ball there to punch it in at the end because “we felt like [Missouri was] gonna take him outta there in that situation”

Instead, Wilson found Conrad for the win, and that connection has its own storyline.

Wilson was benched during this game, and UK was at one point on its third-string QB. But with a gutsy drive the Cats win the game that will all be momentarily forgotten.

Conrad said it was the play called before the timeout, and in the huddle he lobbied Wilson to keep faith in him to get the job done. Then he came through.

“I told Terry put it on me, and I made a play for the team,” Conrad said after the game.

UK now goes into its matchup with Georgia next week with the SEC East very much still up for grabs.