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UConn head coach Randy Edsall’s contract is basically just a prop bets sheet

The bar is pretty low, folks.

Connecticut v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

A lot of contracts for college football head coaches have pretty similar elements — like bonus incentives, for instance. Bonus incentives are essentially benchmarks a head coach has to reach to earn certain bonuses. They’re usually things like winning a bowl game, conference title, or national championship.

On Oct. 3, USA Today released head coaches’ contract information, and found that UConn’s Randy Edsall has some, uh, interesting incentives. They’re all so specific, and you could sit with a calculator and watch Edsall’s bonus total increase throughout a game — if the Huskies were a better team, that is.

Can you imagine if Alabama talked to Nick Saban about receiving incentives like this?

As far as if Edsall has earned any of these incentives just yet, well, UConn has a win over Rhode Island, so there’s an extra $10k! Also during that game, he got an extra $2,000 for his team scoring first, and leading at halftime and in total offense. His salary is just over $1 million, which isn’t cheap, but that extra $16,000 certainly isn’t bad to have, although you’d think it’s be more than that, right?

As for some of those season incentives, well, his team is currently dead last in scoring defense, allowing 53 points per game, and the offense is only at 21.6 points per game.

Edsall has a combined 4-13 record at UConn so far, and was fired from Maryland after going 22-34 over five seasons. We’re also witnessing an Edsall-UConn Experiment Part Two — Edsall was at UConn from 2000-10. He produced two nine-win seasons during his time there before accepting the Maryland job.

Look, I understand the desire for head coaches to achieve bonuses, but the bar is pretty dang low with these. Thank you, UConn for somehow making bonus incentives humorous.