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Your Watch Grid guide to 2018’s deepest college football Saturday yet

The full college football Week 6 TV schedule, sorted by watchability.

North Carolina v Virginia Tech Photo by Geoff Burke/Getty Images

College football’s Week 6 Saturday is the best of the season so far.

Not in terms of huge games, because Week 1’s sprawl probably won’t be topped for a while, but in terms of depth. In every window on Saturday, there are like a half dozen games that anybody could get into, topped by an obvious headliner. We’re fully into conference season, and there are potential New Year’s stakes all over.

Below, the Watch Grid sorts your Saturday by watchability. As always, watchability does not equate to team quality. Your favorite team is almost too good to watch, I often hear people saying.

[Weeknight games removed, for your Saturday convenience.]

Saturday, Oct. 6 college football schedule

This is a great noon slate, by noon standards! From the Texas State Fair’s randomized results generator to a whole bunch of potential games of interest, all the way down to DIRECTIONAL MAC HATE, this is a satisfactory intro.

One of the country’s best, newest, slugfest-iest rivalries takes top billing, backed by a ton of potential goodness, including several rivalries, Clemson’s whole QB deal getting into a potential road shootout, Indiana probably pulling one of its annual near-misses against a top-10 team, and one of the Mountain West’s biggest games of the year.

(FSU is bad and will probably lose big, but I’m from the 1990s. If FSU-Miami is overrated, so be it.)

Remember Virginia Tech losing to Old Dominion?

Hell no! “Enter Sandman” with full ABC intro treatment! Notre Dame’s biggest test remaining before, quite potentially, two full months of Playoff hype!

Kentucky-A&M could be excellent. Auburn-MSU should be awful, but with an ending sequence you never before thought possible. Utah and Stanford might have the year’s most committed punting duel. And Hawaii, a team that goes out its way to entertain no matter the opponent, has itself a rivalry trophy game.

A cowboy trophy on the line in the middle of the Pacific Ocean until like 3:45 a.m. ET! This is a really good Saturday, from start to finish!