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Oh no, this Rutgers Philly Special attempt

I am just sad.

Rutgers tried the Eagles’ famous Super Bowl trick play against Penn State in pretty much the same situation: fourth-and-goal from the 1-yard line. The Scarlet Knights ran it to the left instead of the right, but the concept’s the same, and the result almost was, too.

Disaster then struck:

Quarterback Giovanni Rescigno sold his part of the play well. He crept up to behind an offensive tackle, got himself set so he didn’t take a procedure penalty, and ran to open grass in the end zone. Nobody noticed him or covered him. The pitch exchange going away from the play between the running back and the guy who threw the pass was flawless. The throw to Rescigno was flawless, and Rutgers was about to cut a 13-0 deficit to 13-7.

It did not work out that way.

The Eagles weren’t the first team to run that play, but it does seem like more teams than previously are trying it this year. Somehow, defenses often don’t seem ready for it, and the quarterback on the receiving end often has nobody remotely close to him. The variable thing is that QBs still need to catch the ball. Rutgers’ QB did not.