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Watch Ed Orgeron’s seamless transitions between a normal presser and HOLLERIN’

A true defender of the free press.

A lot of head coaches hold press conferences to discuss the players they sign on Early Signing Day. One of those was LSU head coach Ed Orgeron, whose presser quickly went viral after he yelled twice at some nearby players to pipe down.

See, Orgeron gave the press conference inside the Tigers’ indoor practice facility, and there were some players on the field during it. Twice, Coach O yelled that he was “HAVIN’ A PRESS CONFERENCE” when they were being too loud:

My favorite part about this is how nonchalant Orgeron is. But let’s really break down his transitions here during his yelling, because they really were flawless.

“John Emery, another great young man, from Destrehan, Louisiana. Hold on, a second. [Holler break.] Uh, great young man. Line of scrimmage, we wanted to get bigger — I’ll stop ‘em. [Holler break.] We had to fix the line of scrimmage, went all the way to Michigan.”

The man didn’t even miss a beat!

Coach O screaming in order to make life easier for the media is quite the contrast from the old Coach O. Steven Godfrey described the time Coach wanted to fight him back in 2005:

The staff’s new athletic director for football external affairs, a former high school coach named Hugh Freeze, tried to calm Orgeron.

”Uh Coach, this is the reporter that …” Freeze started.


”Coach, I’m …” were the only words I managed. Orgeron walked down a hallway and through a staff-only entrance to the football offices.

Freeze made one last attempt. Orgeron swung and faced me.


Apparently there were some folks on Twitter wondering why a press conference was held in the practice facility to begin with, but LSU does this a good bit:

Thank you, Coach O, for your defense of the free press. We journalists salute you.