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Temple interim coach LOVES Shreveport, Meek Mill, and national title claims

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I wish I was as fired up as this guy.

NCAA Football: Military Bowl-Temple vs Wake Forest Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Temple Owls face the Duke Blue Devils in the Independence Bowl on Thursday, Dec. 27. Owls head coach Geoff Collins left to take the Georgia Tech job, leaving duties to interim head coach Ed Foley, who has been in Philadelphia with Temple for the last 11 years.

It turns out Foley is an excellent quote who’s super pumped up about basically everything.

First, he was extremely fired up to be in Shreveport for the bowl game to begin with.

I swear this man’s intensity level at a bowl game presser is unmatched:

Our football team’s gonna come down here ready to play. We’re gonna practice really hard, we’re gonna play really hard, I hope that we play well, but I know that we’ll play hard.

And we’re gonna find out about Duke, we’re gonna find out about Temple. And we’re gonna find out about which one of those football clubs wants to hit each other harder and longer, that’s what we’re gonna decide here on the 27th.

While we’re getting ready to do that I hope that you see the finest group of young men that’s ever been through Shreveport. I hope you have a chance to see them hold a door open for you, or say thank you for being here, or be truly appreciative because guys I love this team, and I love these players. And i know you will too when you get around them. Please, get around our players, they are going to love you, they’re going to love Shreveport, and you’re gonna love them. And they are gonna be so appreciative of being here.

Guys it’s gonna be one of the greatest teams that you’ve ever had here and I promise you that. So, we’re fired up to be here, thank you to everybody for having us.

Ok now I wanna go to Shreveport, Coach Foley.

He also has some strong opinions about Meek Mill’s new album.

The rapper from near Temple’s campus put out a new album Champions last month. During one of Temple’s bowl practices on Christmas, Foley wore a damn Meek shirt with the words “Stay Woke” on it, the title of one of his songs.

Foley was asked for his thoughts about the album and unsurprisingly, he didn’t hold back.

Oh the new album’s fantastic, so we’ve been right down with the kids and the whole deal. So, we’re gonna get a little uptown vibes down in Bossier City today, right, that’s gonna be the start of it. We’ve got a little Christmas music today, we’ve got the elves out today, so we’re gonna have a big ole party in Bossier City today.

As for what he wants for Christmas, well:

What I want for Christmas is I want somebody to get me a ticket to go see this new Meek Mill concert coming up in February. So, get the word out there, I’m coming to Meek Mill. It’s just a matter of who’s gonna bring me.

The best part about this — it looks like Meek will come through!

As for his love for the Philly rapper, it’s apparently genuine.

”He truly does like Meek Mill,” Temple RB Ryquell Armstead said. “He truly cares about us, and being able to play for Coach Foley one more time, I’m just very grateful and very honored. And things like that just push you to want to play more for these guys.”

He weighed in on UCF’s 2017 national title claim, too.

During a bowl game presser, Foley was asked about the current College Football Playoff system, and touched on the fellow AAC member’s 2017 national title claim.

Let me ask you guys a question. How can you have a national champion but only half the teams are eligible to win the championship? There’s no national championship. What we’re doing right now is wrong. The way they exist right now — put it down, write it down, film me, whatever you wanna say — what we’re doing is wrong.

We don’t have a chance to win the national championship. Look at these two guys. Tell these two guys right here you don’t have a chance to win a national championship. That’s not right.

Yeah, we want a piece of the pie. Not only do we want a piece of the pie, we deserve a piece of the pie.

And you can’t tell me right now that UCF wasn’t the best team in the country. You cannot tell me that UCF wasn’t the best team in the country, because you have nothing to back that up. That’s a dynamic football team last year. Right, now we’re every bit as good as them, we should’ve beat them this year, we didn’t.

They’re undefeated. You’re going to tell me an undefeated team doesn’t have a chance to play for a national championship? It’s not right, guys.

Thank you, Coach Foley, for inspiring us all to be passionate about anything as you are about everything.