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Bama hired Butch Jones, and that’s the fourth Tennessee coach to work for Nick Saban

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Jones is the fourth current or former Vols coach to work under Saban.

Alabama v Tennessee Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Wondering what Butch Jones might be up to these days? The answer is sporting some unfamiliar colors in his new role at Alabama’s Pro Day.

Jones has been reportedly close to landing a job on Saban’s staff for a few days, and it looks like it’s pretty close to being officially official if he’s sporting crimson in Tuscaloosa.

According to, Jones and Saban had had talks about a role for weeks.

Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban has been in contact with former Tennessee coach Butch Jones regarding an offensive analyst position, sources told Jones has visited Tuscaloosa and met with Saban in person, per sources.

If you’re keeping score at home, that makes for an interesting link between Saban and the rival Vols.

The other three:

  • Derek Dooley — Coached with Saban at LSU and with the Miami Dolphins from 2000-2006. Coached at Tennessee from 2010-2012. 0-3 against Saban.
  • Lane Kiffin — Coached with Saban at Alabama from 2014-2016. Coached at Tennessee in 2009. 0-1 against Saban, but did come this close to beating him.
  • Jeremy Pruitt — Coached with Saban at Alabama from 2007-2012, and 2016-2017. Hired as head coach of Tennessee in January.

Beyond that, former Tennessee head coach Bill Battle — who coached the team between 1970-1976 — was the athletic director at Alabama from 2013-17. Given the power Saban wields in Tuscaloosa, it’s up for debate who was really the most powerful man on campus while Battle sat in the AD chair.