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Alabama scheduled Notre Dame in football again ... for 2028. It’s been a while.

This is going to be tons of fun when it comes around.

Discover BCS National Championship - Notre Dame v Alabama Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Notre Dame and Alabama played football a couple of years ago, at least to the extent the Tide dragging the Irish all over the field in the 2012 season’s BCS Championship was “football.” (In the NCAA’s eyes, losing to Alabama was actually the only thing Notre Dame did that entire season.) But the schools haven’t put each other on their regular season schedules since the 1987 season, when the Irish won a 37-6 game in South Bend.

It’s going to happen again in a decade — in South Bend in 2028, Tuscaloosa in 2029:

The Tuscaloosa News previously reported discussions about this series and also said Alabama was in talks for a series with Texas.

Notre Dame is 5-2 all-time against Alabama. Three of the seven games, including the BCS championship game a few years ago, were bowl games. They met in the Sugar and Orange Bowls to end back-to-back seasons in 1973 and ‘74, with the Irish winning both of those. Alabama’s other win in the series was at a game played in Birmingham in 1986.

The Tide are 1-7 all-time against Texas and haven’t scheduled the Longhorns since 1922. The teams have met in six bowls, with their most recent meeting also a BCS Championship. Alabama capped the 2009 season by thrashing Texas, 37-21.

Scheduling logistics are hard, which is why we’ll have to wait a while.

Because Notre Dame doesn’t have a conference and is only tied into a couple of games per year against ACC schools, the Irish have more scheduling freedom than almost every other FBS team. But they have a couple longstanding rivalries (like against USC and Stanford) that crowd their annual schedules. It doesn’t appear that the Irish have any open slots on their schedule until at least 2022, unless they move some things around.

Alabama only has four non-conference games per season to play around with, and it uses most of them to pay smaller schools to come to Tuscaloosa and get crushed. The Tide also enjoy playing season openers in big-money games at neutral sites. This will be different, and a road game in South Bend will be higher-risk than the games the Tide usually play. There’s a pretty strong chance both teams will have different coaches by then, anyway.

But risk is sometimes the price of fun. Two of the sport’s legacy programs who rarely play each other getting together twice over a couple of seasons — on campus, and not at some glitzy spacecraft of an NFL stadium — is about as fun as it gets.