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Steve Spurrier drops wide-open TD at South Carolina’s spring game

Nobody’s perfect!

Here’s area hero Steve Spurrier finding himself home free in the end zone at South Carolina’s spring game, but unable to haul in the lob:

Watch the ref go from signaling a sure TD to having to call it incomplete.

Not even WR gloves could get the job done for the former Heisman winner:

Having a local legend catch a spring game TD is a South Carolina tradition. Darius Rucker did it:

And so did Jadeveon Clowney while still a member of the team:

Did the HBC still get a quip off, at least? He did.

Spurrier and [former QB Stephen] Garcia joked about the fact that Garcia was making on his second spring game appearance with the Gamecocks. During his collegiate career, Garcia was suspended for all but one spring game.

Knowing Spurrier, this lil stumble will probably lead to him eventually taking it out on Georgia somehow.