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Alabama QB Jalen Hurts wears Auburn jersey after losing bet with Charles Barkley

But Hurts got the last laugh.

Here is Alabama quarterback Jalen Hurts in an Auburn jersey:

In November, Hurts and Barkley made a bet ahead of the Iron Bowl between the Tide and Tigers. Barkley, of course, is an Auburn alum. (He was a College GameDay guest picker that Saturday after Thanksgiving and said the Tigers would win in game known as the Kick Ass.) Hurts was the one who hatched the bet: If Alabama won, Barkley would have to don a Tide jersey on TV. If Auburn won, Hurts would do exactly what he’s doing in that screen cap.

Auburn did win, 26-14. It didn’t really matter, because Alabama won the College Football Playoff anyway and Auburn lost the last two games of its season. But Hurts is a man who follows through on his promises, and he paid his debt to Barkley in full.

“What’s up, Charles? Obviously I’m a man of my word, and first off I just wanna congratulate Auburn and the Auburn family on a successful season this year. But I think it’s time I get to class. I’m running kind of late for English,” Hurts says into a camera.

Then Hurts walks away, with something in his backpack: