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An Alabama linebacker and the team Twitter account both taunted Auburn’s kicker for claiming a ‘state championship’

“I guess the Iron Bowl is their national championship,” Shaun Dion Hamilton says.

NCAA Football: CFP National Championship-Alabama Celebration Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

As any Auburn fan will remind you, Auburn beat Alabama in the 2017 Iron Bowl. As any Alabama fan will remind you, Alabama subsequently won the national championship. So this exchange involving former Auburn kicker Daniel Carlson and former Alabama linebacker Shaun Dion Hamilton is not at all out of line with expectations.

Carlson said:

To which Hamilton said:

Alabama has now added in an official company line:

This follows a salvo from Alabama a couple of weeks ago, where Tide quarterback Jalen Hurts went on camera to graciously congratulate Auburn on its Iron Bowl win while wearing a Tigers jersey, part of a friendly bet with Auburn alum Charles Barkley. Then Hurts turned to walk away from the camera, revealing a deliberate choice of backpack cargo:

Alabama players and fans have had to fight a sort of two-front war after their national title win. In one battle, they’ve had to put up with little barbs from players and fans of Auburn, a team that lost four games. On another, they’ve often been compelled to answer to UCF, which claims the title for itself in light of finishing the 2017 season unbeaten.

“I’m sure you can ask the world,” Hamilton told SB Nation a few weeks ago. “Everyone knows who the real national champion is, and that’s home right in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.”

Hamilton and Carlson are both prospects in the 2018 NFL Draft.