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Nebraska is your 2018 spring football attendance national champ

Here’s the current top 10.


Having nothing better to do with our time, college football onlookers get to spend portions of each April thinking about the sizes of the crowds that show up for the strange walkthroughs that end each team’s spring camp. Whichever team has the most fans in the stands is said to be filling the people with hope, while those with straggly crowds are being conspired against by weather, traffic, and invisibility cloaks.

We’ll update this after the next round of games, but here’s where things sit at the moment:

2018 spring game attendance top 10

Team Reported spring game crowd
Team Reported spring game crowd
Nebraska 86,818
Georgia 82,184
Alabama 74,732
Penn State 71,000
Tennessee 65,098
Florida State 60,934
Clemson 55,000
Florida 53,015
Oklahoma 52,102
Texas A&M 48,000
Per school announcements

Nebraska’s all but certain to claim the made-up title this year, powered by returning hero Scott Frost. The only teams left to play their spring games pose no real threat to the Huskers’ horde.

Ohio State entered spring as the reigning spring champ, but stadium renovations and nasty Midwestern weather vacated the throne. Bad weather also canceled a bunch of games, so this list will look more sparse than usual.

The battle rages on, and we’ll see who ends up being the best at getting fans to watch Color vs. Color games in which sacks are worth 2.5 points each, the field shrinks in size every 10 minutes, and the mascot gets to try a punt. There is nothing more important going on right now.

And here are the all-time records (LOL — yeah, there are all-time records)

The 10 highest-attended spring games ever

Year School Announced attendance
Year School Announced attendance
2016 Ohio State 100,189
2015 Ohio State 99,391
2009 Ohio State 95,722
2016 Georgia 93,000
2011 Alabama 92,310
2007 Alabama 92,138
2010 Alabama 91,312
2018 Nebraska 86,818
2009 Alabama 84,050
2013 Auburn 83,401