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Keegan-Michael Key did his spot-on James Franklin impression again at Penn State’s spring game


Penn State had its spring game on Saturday afternoon, with Blue defeating White 21-10. At halftime, we had another appearance from writer and part-time James Franklin impersonator Keegan-Michael Key. After halftime, Key led the team out of the tunnel dressed like Coach Franklin. It’s pretty scary how much he looks like him:

One of my favorite parts of this is when he imitates Franklin’s run, which we saw after he chased down one of his players to shake hands after a loss to Michigan State last season

Key, a Penn State grad, has done this impression before — during College GameDay from New York City last season, he made an appearance wearing the get-up.

Richard Johnson/SB Nation

Key was referring to Franklin calling time out while up by 56 points against Georgia State the week prior, which is probably another reason Franklin received “about a hundred nasty messages.” Key did the impression for the team during homecoming week a few years ago, too

Franklin himself has even jokingly addressed the case of his mistaken identity around the program:

Hopefully this isn’t the last we see of Key’s amazing James Franklin impression, but we may have to wait until the season starts in the fall for that.