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College football video games back in 2020? It’s not EA, and won’t ship with real teams, but ...

A little hope on the horizon for those who want their games back? We’ll see.

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IMackulate Vision Gaming

For the first time since EA Sports canceled the NCAA Football series after 2013, a new college football video game will be on the market in 2020, according to a press release from IMackulate Vision Gaming, a company founded by cousins Alex and Kameron Lewis. If you’re online a lot, you’ve seen most of these words before, though the date is a new detail. The company plans to release the game on PlayStation, XBox, and Steam platforms.

From the release:

Gridiron Champions will offer a unique experience to gamers by allowing them the opportunity to customize player uniforms, stadiums, fan atmosphere and recreate pageantry though this unique college football experience.

[...] Over 1,300 gamers have purchased Gridiron Champions as pre-launch item since May 2017.

[...] IMV Gaming is working on next steps such as discussions with game developers in the manufacturing partner selection process as well as the future games for 2021 which include a potentially licensed version of Gridiron Champions and potentially a college basketball experience.

After working for over two years towards the building the innovative and unique concepts of Gridiron Champions, IMV Gaming joins hands with professional athletes Oakland Raiders’ Vadal Alexander along with Brooklyn Nets’ Spencer Dinwiddie as early founding investors.

IVG says the game will have 126 created teams. Users would — wink, wink — be able to customize teams, rosters, and more, meaning eventually, a robust gamer community could create versions of enough real-life, NCAA teams to just about fill out an FBS-like league.

Concept art
IMackulate Vision Gaming

The company’s teasing all the other stuff you’d want a new college football video game to have, like recruiting:

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And a customizable postseason:

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And so forth.

Obviously, those of us who grew up on Bill Walsh and NCAA Football would prefer to see a proven company make a game with actual teams, but if a new company were somehow able to make a quality football simulation (not easy!) and empower users to fill in uniforms and names and stuff, that’d be the next best thing. Let’s see what the new guys got.