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Josh Rosen delivers fiery message about not being considered the best QB in the Draft

It’s not about the order in which his name comes off the board, it’s about who’s better in the long run.

California v UCLA Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The NFL Draft process can be a pretty stressful endeavor for many of the different parties involved. When it comes to the players and their interviews, that means by the time the draft comes around, they’ve answered the same hypothetical questions about draft status dozens — if not hundreds — of times.

Josh Rosen’s clearly pretty fed up with it, when asked whether he’d be surprised if he was taken first overall he riffed about never being No. 1.

Now, some of this is personal mythology and some stretching of the truth. did have him as the No. 2 pocket passer in the 2015 class behind Blake Barnett, but he was No. 1 per both 247Sports and Our roundup of mock drafts doesn’t have a consensus on where he’ll go, but has many mocks predicting he’ll be a top-five pick. Our Dan Kader’s most recent mock draft has Rosen going No. 12 to the Bills, but he still believes Rosen is the best QB prospect in this draft.

Athletes are notoriously self-motivated, and some of the great ones can take any slight (real or imagined) and morph it into fuel inside their own minds to propel themselves to greatness.

Rosen’s been earmarked as an NFL quarterback since he arrived on the scene as a high school player, and he will soon realize that dream no matter where he’s picked.