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Packers legend Jerry Kramer makes an Ice Bowl joke while announcing Green Bay’s pick in Dallas

Need some ice for that burn?

Divisional Playoffs - New York Giants v Green Bay Packers

When Jerry Kramer delivered the Green Bay Packers’ second round pick he dished out an icy bit of shade to anyone who picked up the reference.

There probably weren’t many people in the crowd for the Draft who also went to the game dubbed the Ice Bowl, so let’s take a trip down memory lane to New Year’s Eve 1967. Packers vs. Cowboys for the NFL Championship in Lambeau Field, and the right to play the AFL’s champ in Super Bowl 2. The Packers would win the game 21-17 in ridiculous conditions.

December 31, 1967 was the coldest New Years Eve in the history of Green Bay, Wisconsin. The -13 degree temperature mixed with a 15-MPH wind made the outdoors unbearable. Announcer Frank Gifford saw his coffee freeze a minute after setting it down. The halftime band was canceled when the lip of a horn was broken off during the warmups. Referee Norm Schachter had his whistle frozen in his mouth, and when he tried to blow it to begin the game, he accidentally ripped the skin of his lips. Blood trickled down his chin where it froze into an icicle. From then on, the officials used hand motions and yelled out calls instead.

Kramer came out on the winning end, so he can talk that talk in perpetuity. But, never forget: