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Equanimeous St. Brown’s name is incredibly unique, and here’s why

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St. Brown’s part of one of sports’ most unique family.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Familiarize yourself with this name: Equanimeous Tristan Imhotep J. St. Brown. Perhaps it’s a bit of a mouthful for you, and I can understand that. but he’s just been drafted by the Green Bay Packers and that means that you’ll be hearing at least the abridged version of that name quite a bit more often.

To understand his name requires a lesson in his father and his mother’s grand plan to build a sporting family. John Brown was an elite bodybuilder, and after his career building bulk professionally wound down, he and his wife Miriam — whom he chose for what he calls “selective breeding” — had three sons.

John was an art major at Cal State Fullerton who still works as an artist; one work of one of a gladiator with an eyeball for a head stabbing a tiger hangs upstairs. Since before he had kids he has been determined to pour his creative energy into his offspring: Whether sons or daughters, they would be premier athletes. When he met Miriam at a 1987 fitness trade show in Cologne, Germany, she held a degree in physical therapy and stood 5’ 9”. “You’ve got to fall in love with the right woman,” John says. “I can love a little woman as well as I can a tall one. You’ve got to get the right one that’s thick and strong.”

Equanimous is the oldest, while Amon-Ra Julian Heru and Osiris Adrian Amen-Ra are also athletes. Osiris currently plays at Stanford while Amon-Ra will play at USC next season.

The names of all of the brothers are so they’ll be distinctive — and they certainly are — should they achieve athletic superstardom. Equanimous is a talented prospect and his father worked he as well as all three of this brothers to build athleticism to get to the this point. Where John is interested athletically, his wife Miriam picks up the slack academically as well. She drills schoolwork into her kids and exclusively speaks her native German to the boys when they’re at home, which they’re fluent in.

But beyond the backstory of Equanimous and the name and all of that, there is a wide receiver who can ball.

For starters, St. Brown stands at 6-foot-4 and 190 pounds. He is an extremely athletic player, who has the potential to take the top off of a defense at any point. He has great hands and runs rather clean routes. He has big play-ability. The knock on St. Brown is his weight. Many suggest that he must put on a couple of pounds in order to be more successful at the NFL level.

It’s now Equanimeous’ time on the NFL stage. You’d be wise to remember the name, but it’s hard to forget.