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You’ll never believe which conference had the most picks in the 2018 NFL Draft

Huh, the Southern conferences are talented.

LSU v Alabama Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

For at least the seventh year in a row (we started counting these things at this website only recently, though you’re welcome to go back and count further, if you like), the SEC had the most NFL Draft picks. The conference churned out 53 in 2018, which isn’t quite a record — it had 54 in 2015, for one thing — but still way up there.

Alabama broke its own conference record for picks, with 12. That’s not tops all time — two years ago, Ohio State had the greatest class ever — but still five more than any other school this year.

Tying for second with seven picks each were SEC mate LSU, Ohio State, and ... NC State! The Wolfpack just turned in their best draft class ever, topped by first-round DE Bradley Chubb and the entire rest of his starting defensive line.

Here’s how I have the count:

  • SEC 53
  • ACC 45
  • Big Ten 33
  • Pac-12 30
  • Big 12 20
  • FCS 19 (not technically a conference, but ride with me)
  • AAC 18
  • Conference USA 10
  • Mountain West 9
  • Independent 6
  • MAC 5
  • Division II 4 (also a collective made up of several conferences)
  • Sun Belt 3
  • Australia! 1 (Australia is a conference now)

As always, tune in next year, folks, to see how close the ACC or Big Ten comes to tying the SEC in NFL Draft picks.