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Need dozens and dozens of vacation ideas? Just follow Mike Leach on Twitter.

He’s even sent these out right before kickoff on game day.

Washington State v California Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Summertime is just around the corner, and if you’re like me, you’re daydreaming of taking a summer vacation. This is especially true in football, where the end of spring ball means the one time all year when coaches briefly unplug.

One head coach who is also fantasizing about his next getaway is Washington State’s Mike Leach. How do we know this, you ask? Instead of tweeting just about his team and the NFL Draft like most coaches, his Twitter account has been filled with summer getaway ideas for the majority of last month:

UPDATE: Leach has found his destination! He posted a photo of himself in Taiwan in mid-May:


But this wasn’t exclusive to just the month of April — Leach was dreaming about swimming holes and sailing back in February and March:

And even during last season! This was one day before Wazzu’s game against Arizona:

This one was on game day against Oregon State — the timestamp looks like it was just about an hour and a half before kickoff Pacific Time, amazingly:

My favorite part about all of this is that randomly, in the middle of a series of travel tweets, completely unrelated articles like the following will pop up out of nowhere, and it’s hilarious:

This was a thing last summer, too!

At the very least, you gotta applaud Leach for being consistent in his reading and Twitter habits.