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Construction workers unearthed a not-so-secret tunnel in USC’s football stadium while renovating it

The Coliseum has quirks. That’ll happen when a place is almost a century old.

USC’s renovating the venerable LA Memorial Coliseum, complete with incredibly lame corporate branding. But a building that’s close to 100 years old is going to have some secrets in it, and renovators found just that while working on it.

I’ve always thought USC’s current entrance was an underrated one.

There isn’t much pomp or circumstance involved, but the big curtain’s pretty cool and the massive end zone tunnel’s opening creates a cool effect when the Trojans run down what’s basically a giant cardinal runway.

But according to the old orientation of The Coliseum, USC’s entrance could have been a lot like Michigan’s.

The Wolverines enter the field at the 50-yard-line and notably slap the banner on their way through.

The 50-yard-line tunnel won’t be put to use however in the new iteration of the stadium, it’ll go back under this:

USC Athletics

When work is complete, the Trojans will run past a gleaming new press box and premium seating area on their way to the field.