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Here are 2018 over/under win totals for 129 of the 130 FBS teams

Unless you’re looking for Liberty’s total, your team’s is here.

NCAA Football: Texas Bowl-Texas vs Missouri Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Las Vegas bookmakers have set over/under win totals for almost every team in the FBS, with Alabama and Clemson leading the way at an over/under of 11 regular-season Ws.

These totals are from the sportsbook at the Southpoint Casino in Las Vegas, via Most come with moneyline odds of -110 or -120 in either direction, meaning you’d have to risk $115 or so to win $100 on a successful bet in either direction. They’re in alphabetical order if you run through these three images, from Air Force to Wyoming:

Of the 130 FBS teams, the only one not included is Liberty, in its first year at the level. S&P+ projects the Flames to go 5-7, so their total would probably be 4.5 or 5.5.

There are $1,000 limits on these bets for Power 5 teams, $500 for Group of 5 teams.

Nothing on this list immediately pops as an obvious winner to me, but I’d be enticed by Texas at 8.5 and Arizona at 7.5. The Longhorns — all TEXAS IS BACK jokes being absolutely fair — could get really good at any moment, given the talent in their program. I don’t think a 9-3 season for them is a lot to ask, especially given that they’re likely to face a freshman quarterback when they play USC in non-conference play. Arizona has a lot of good players, most notably QB Khalil Tate, and is playing under Year 1 Kevin Sumlin. I like that.

On a second read of that list, I kind of like LSU at 7. The Tigers play a brutal schedule, yeah. That Week 1 game against Miami looks hard for them. They play Georgia and a potentially not-horrible Florida (on the road) in cross-divisional SEC play. But they at least get Georgia and Alabama at home, making those not certain defeats. Ultimately, I think the team that’s won at least eight games every year this millennium will do that again. Right?

If you’re looking for a bunch of single-game odds, here’s most of Week 1, and here’s a cross-section of big games throughout the 2018 season. Here’s how to predict spreads.

What seems like the best bet to you?