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How to Watch SB Nation’s ‘Foul Play: Paid in Mississippi’ online for free

The docuseries is the culmination of five years of reporting, and you can watch the whole thing free online.

SB Nation’s “Foul Play: Paid in Mississippi, a docuseries examining the shadowy economy that fuels Southern college football, is now available to watch for free on YouTube.

The series includes four 25-minute episodes in which writer Steven Godfrey investigates how brokering for highly touted recruits triggered an explosive NCAA scandal that got a millionaire coach fired, inflamed a bitter rivalry, and caught a couple of NFL hopefuls in the crosshairs.

How to watch “Foul Play: Paid in Mississippi”

Online streaming: You can watch the whole thing on YouTube, including in the YouTube apps on your smartphone or tablet.

What: The TL;DR is that in December, the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions handed down sanctions for Ole Miss football, including a bowl ban, four-year probation, and scholarship reductions. And a key part of the NCAA’s investigation was Mississippi State linebacker Leo Lewis, who told the NCAA he was paid by boosters at multiple schools, including Ole Miss.

But there’s a lot more to the story, which spans more than five years of reporting from Godfrey. And if you’ve got an hour (or several), dive into the full Ole Miss drama timeline: Freeze, Tunsil, and everything else.

What this series does, though, is takes viewers inside the war between Ole Miss and Mississippi State, and emerges with a portrait of the inherent injustice of college sports.