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College football could expand to 43 bowl games, LOL, though perhaps not one at Wrigley Field just yet

Keep ‘em comin’.

Illinois v Northwestern
Wrigley Field football
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Bad news for folks who like to complain about there being too many football games available on TV in mid-December: there will probably be more soon.

The NCAA placed a cap on new bowl games until 2020, but here’s a peek at the new games we’ll have that year, according to Brett McMurphy in June:

Based on recommendations by the NCAA’s Competition Committee, there are expected to be three new bowl games added for...

Posted by Brett McMurphy on Monday, June 11, 2018

McMurphy reported a Chicago game at Wrigley Field between the ACC and Big Ten was expected, an idea we’d been excited about for a long time, but the Chicago Tribune reported in July that:

The breakdown in negotiations occurred because Cubs officials wanted a premier spot in the Big Ten bowl lineup — the ability to land the league’s No. 3 or No. 4 team. When Big Ten officials queried schools, the response was that they’d prefer a warm-weather destination.

Big Ten teams wanted a warmer-weather game! After years of B1G fans saying they want Southern teams to finally have to travel up north! I love this sport!

The Cubs had the finances arranged for a bowl game at Wrigley but declined to make a deal for a lower-slotted Big Ten team. The two sides amicably parted ways and said they might revisit down the road.

A mid-major game in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is likely, McMurphy reported.

If three are added and the current 40 remain, that’d take us to 84 of 130 FBS teams making bowls each season (not 86, since two of these teams would then meet in the title game).

We’d almost certainly be dipping into multiple teams with 5-7 records entering the postseason each year. The haters would be beside themselves over players getting to take trips and receive small gifts while playing with their teammates one last time, but actually, every bowl game is good.

Starting a bowl game is actually a pretty simple process, in case you’ve ever wondered. The hardest part is coming up with a sufficiently silly name.